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Powder Capabilities

Our powder processing capabilities allow us to provide customers with a wide range of solutions. We handle everything from simple blends of dry powders to complex spray dry and extruded WDG formulations.

  • Media milling down to 20 microns

  • Large batch blending

  • Bottom up auger fillers

  • Small batch WDG extruding

  • Glue or pressure sensitive labelling

Powder Blending

  • Munson pin mills for media processing down to 20 microns

  • 200 cubic foot ribbon blenders for batches up to 10 tons

  • Ability to handle powders with densities ranging from 2# to 90# per cubic foot

  • Vacuum and auger conveyors for product transport

  • Climate controlled blending and packaging room with moisture prevention

Powder Packaging

We provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective options for powder packaging from several ounces through bulk quantities. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers always have the products they need, when they need them. We have a high degree of flexibility in equipment so we can respond rapidly to our customers’ changing needs. Our equipment includes:

  • Automated auger filling lines packaging from 4 ounces to 4 pounds with dust free bottom up capability

Our  production lines are configured to provide: Induction sealing, can seaming, labeling, ink-jet printing, case erecting and sealing, palletizing, stretch wrapping, and specialty packaging services

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