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Granular Capabilities

Our granular equipment can handle any material in the pesticide industry. From sand to BioDac to husk our equipment can produce quality products with no carrier degredation. The process is 100% indoors and manufactured in a closed loop to ensure spotless facilities.

  • Over 200,000,000 lbs annual capacity

  • Batch sizes from 1 tons to 20 tons

  • Automated bagging

  • Automated palletizing

  • Quality guarantee

Granule Blending

  • 6,000,000 lbs indoor bulk bin storage

  • All blenders are housed in buildings within a building for enclosed blending guaranteeing dust free operation

  • We have direct drive rotary blenders from 1 to 20 tons ensuring no degradation of your carriers

  • Our 240 cubic foot ribbon blenders are for dust and non-degradable granulates.

  • 20 ton staging hoppers for quick batch turnover allow us to operate continuous blending while batches are being packed

Granular Packaging

We provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective options for granular packaging from several ounces to bulk quantities. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers always have the products they need, when they need them. We offer a high degree of flexibility in equipment, volume and staffing, so we can respond rapidly to our customers’ changing needs. Our equipment includes:

  • Automated bagging lines for 1# up to 100# plastic and paper bags and multi-head auger filling lines for granular and powder packaging from 2 ounces to 4 pounds with bottom up fill capability to eliminate dust

Our multiple production lines are configured to provide: sealing, labeling, ink-jet printing, case erecting and sealing ,palletizing, stretch wrapping, and specialty packaging services

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